Metal Gear Solid 4 & Dynasty Warriors 7


Decided to pick up Metal Gear Solid 4 Japanese version again for the trophies. I played the Asian English version to DEATH at 21 playthroughs, lol, even getting all the emblems including Big Boss emblem (which I’m pretty sure I have to do all over again for this trophy hunt -_-“).

Just beat the leftover first playthrough. Should be starting second playthrough soon.

Notes for my second playthrough which would be a no alert no kill run:

Act 1
– Damage statue
– Get doll

Act 2
– Find 2 posters
– Get doll

Act 3
– Find 2 posters
– Get doll

Act 4
– Find ghosts

Act 5
– Buy tanegashima
– Get doll
– Get kissed


Also picked up Dynasty Warriors 7 again. I have actually platinum-ed this game before but it’s on my old account. It just doesn’t feel right if I were to buy more Musou games (even the ones not done by Koei, like the recent Kamen Rider one) without beating this one I currently have.

Yep, I have recently been playing games in a scatter-like manner. Can’t decide which title to focus ^^;

Until the new game I want to play arrives, that is… ;p


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