Time Travelers [2] Platinum!

Just platinum-ed this game XD

I have completed the main mode long time ago, but have only beaten the extra mode now.

The extra mode is called TTPhone. TTPhone is a communication game similar to Love Plus and Ciel no Surge, which uses real-time synchronization.

I cheat though, by changing Vita’s date and time as I play the game. It’s kind of bizarre but basically I keep Vita’s Settings app open at the date and time screen, and switch between this screen and the game when I want to advance the time (you can do the whole time-changing thing pretty ‘seamlessly’, like within 4 seconds or so). You can only advance maximum 10 days without calling her though, else it would be game over. Also, if you try to rewind back time, the game will catch it and end with game over as well. This is why I set my Vita to Airplane Mode, to not let it automatically update the time via Internet.

This extra mode has significant amount of trophies: 4 gold trophies for each of the 4 special dates, 2 silver trophies for completing it, and a few miscellaneous bronze trophies, which is why I was stuck to around 50% for so long even though I conquered the main game.

There are 4 special dates: nanabata, summer, christmas eve and new year’s eve. This is why it’s recommended to start the game on 1st of June because the earliest special date is on 7th of July, to give ample but not too long time to build relationship level. In my experience, two weeks are enough though. Each special date unlocks a gold trophy which requires Mikoto to wear a special outfit.



Christmas eve:

New year’s eve:

If you’re wondering why Mikoto looks different from the main game… it’s because at some point she asks you what is your kind of girl, and tries to match your taste. I forgot what the one in the above screenshots is called, but there are also Active and Kawaii.




This is basically the secret behind this promotional image:


(I thought there were more Time Traveler girls besides Mikoto… also called Mikoto ^^;)

One of the miscellaneous trophies requires you to see Mikoto in bath towel. Basically you need to call her as soon as she leaves the bathroom at night and there is a small chance you might see this:


As for the ending, they pull off another ‘beautiful fate’ thing to explain the extra mode, which turns out to be tied to the main game even though at first it seems very unlikely. They also did something clever for the ending. I won’t spoil it, but in case you were wondering about ‘something’ when you first start this mode: yep, it’s not an error.

I really should replay the main game again. It’s short, fun, sweet and I still don’t get the whole time travel plot (the only time travel story I haven’t fully understood yet. I at least understood Time Traveler’s Wife and Cyborg She, even went as far as drew and shared Cyborg She’s time travel diagram at some forum).

Maybe I should get Stein’s Gate next? :p

I still have a few visual novels in my backlog, though… -.-” (Fate, Umineko Chiru, White Album and the upcoming Date A Live)


2 thoughts on “Time Travelers [2] Platinum!

    1. Helu Post author

      Hi there ^^ sorry but I have not played this game for a while and I kinda forgot how to do things ^^; here’s the page I refer to: http://mapswiki.com/timetravelers/index.php?TT%E3%83%95%E3%82%A9%E3%83%B3

      I’m pretty sure you have to make her like you enough so that she won’t reject you, then ask her for a date in specific dates to get those special dates.

      Nanabata date you have to ask her between 1st to 7th of July, beach date is 4th to 9th of August, Christmas is 16th to 23rd of December, New Year is 25th to 30rd of December.

      To ask her for a date, the options are: 「みことにお願い」→「今度の週末デートして」


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