Date A Live Rinne Utopia [2] Progress


Cleared Touka and Origami’s routes.

Touka has a lot of bad ends, lol… What a spoiled princess ^^;


And Origami… I was really surprised at the ending! 0.o Without spoiling actual details, I checked around and it seems to have become normal with recent visual novels… -_-”


I have gotten all Touka CGs but seem to be missing 1 of Origami’s even though I took every paths in her route. I checked around, apparently you can get more individual heroine CGs later in ‘true’ route.

This game has mini events with sub characters which as far as I know do not affect the main events at all. Some mini events have some tricks to trigger, though.

The first is Shidou’s buddy Tonomachi’s. His second mini-event is triggered on the second day by avoiding him on the first day.

The second is one of Tama’s. This one I needed to get help from Internet. It’s triggered on the third day by talking to Kannazuki first followed by her. If you know about her then you might know what it’s all about lol… ^^;

Going through Yoshino’s route now… Really sequential, lol.


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