Date A Live Rinne Utopia [3] Platinum & Kamen Rider Battride War

Just platinum-ed the game X)

It’s a relatively short and simple game compared to White Album. In White Album, the game progresses in a few months. This one is just a week. In White Album, the ‘mini events’ affect the main events in some way. This one not at all.

I don’t feel the short length is bad, though. It’s just nice to me. But yeah, it doesn’t take long to see everything.

This game has a lot of moments that, although different, are similar to previous moments in the novels. It’s kind of nice feeling when you recognize these moments.

I like what they did with Kurumi. I’m also glad they didn’t go overboard with Yoshino and Kotori like what they did with Origami, lol.


As I mentioned, the true route is well within my expectations.

Here are some scenes that I missed and needed to find to clean up:

– For the first two days, if you date a different girl first and then date Kotori, the Kotori scenes would be different. My trophy for ‘seeing all telecommunication events’ also unlocked here.

– After true route is unlocked, if you run away from Touka’s lunchbox (need to increase her affection), it seems there’s a more full scene on the rooftop involving Kurumi.

– If you can’t settle on a girl even at the end of 29th, it will be early game over. Also, the most tricky trophy in this game seems to ask you to reach this point 5 times. I’m not sure if you must see this game over without loading (i.e., you have to start a new game and reach this point without saving/loading) like some sources claimed.

– The most tricky mini-event is one of Tama’s events. To trigger it, just talk to Kannazuki and then Tama each day and it will unlock on the third day.

I also unlocked the siscon brother trophy no problem (for some reason, some people have difficulty getting this trophy). Just don’t force skip the Kotori happening scenes on different routes even though they’re mostly the same.


Also, just when I’m about done with game, I bought a new game on impulse -_-”

It’s this:


I never thought I could get this special ‘premium TV sound edition’ since it was sold out in my favorite game shop. But another game shop that seems to have begun to stock Japanese games recently has it, and I just… lol.

As my friend put it, this is a ‘fanboy edition’ that includes and plays opening and theme songs from the Kamen Rider series in battles instead of instrumental music.

I might regret it cause the game actually has a custom soundtrack feature (you can set music to play from PS3 hard disk for certain situations) and so you can do DIY thing to mimic the premium TV sound edition or even go nuts with other music.

To tell the truth though, I’m pretty much no longer up to date with the latest Kamen Rider series. The Kamen Riders I have some familiarity here are Kuuga, Agito, Ryuuki and Faiz. I did check out a bit of Decade but that’s all.

Still, can’t wait to try this ‘Dynasty Warriors with bike riding’ game X)


14 thoughts on “Date A Live Rinne Utopia [3] Platinum & Kamen Rider Battride War

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, if you tell me the numbers you are missing, I may be able to show you how to unlock them. Most likely it’s the scenes I pointed above.

      Yeah, that trophy is weird. They should’ve at least let it unlock when you do it once instead of 5 or more times… -.-“

  1. Zellosia

    Hello ! :P

    I wondered whether you could tell me how to resolve the last image that I miss it :

    It is the only one which I misses and I start again all the roads in vain still and still, I find anything…

    I find that this game is a good adaptation, but a visual rather average Novel: S

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, in Gallery -> Memory, just read the last scene. I can’t remember the number, maybe 205?

      Yeah, it’s just short and sweet.

      1. Zellosia

        Yes it is that ! Thank you very much, I could about it more, his fact 3 days that I sought…

        Remain me more than one trophy, fiou !

      2. Helu Post author

        You have to get game over by not sticking to one girl 5 times.

        ( New game -> date different girl each day -> game over at end of 29th June ) x 5

        The day’s second date is not as important but just pick different girl from the first date.

        For example:
        26th June: Touka, Origami
        27th June: Yoshino, Kotori
        28th June: Kurumi, Rinne
        29th June: Origami, Yoshino

        (Note: I’m not sure if above example works so sorry if it doesn’t)

        Also just to be safe, make the girls angry/disappointed during dates if possible.

        Once you found a pattern that leads to game over, you can just reuse the pattern 5 times, don’t need to find another one.

        I don’t know if you can just save before game over and watch the scene 5 times. I personally started new game -> game over 5 times.

        If I remember correctly, the game over scene is shown in memory 159. You can’t get the trophy by watching from memory list, though.

        This trophy is a bit troublesome but you can just use start button to skip dialogues.

  2. Zellosia

    I finally had it… Thank you for your assistance !

    You are lucky to know to read the kanjis, me I understand the Japanese perfectly, but I cannot read it :S

    Next platine on Senran Kagura ! I hope that it will not be difficult.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, iirc you have to go through every other girls’ route first before you can go to Rinne’s. Some of the missing pictures of some of the girls are from Rinne’s route as well so don’t worry for now.


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