Kamen Rider Battride War [2] Impressions


Just unlocked all the main Kamen Riders in story mode. Not sure if the secondary Riders are unlockable as well but I hope so, since I haven’t unlocked the trophy for unlocking all the Kamen Riders.

I gotta say, the graphics and the quality well exceeded my expectations. This game is actually done by Eighting who took care of the recent Kamen Rider fighting games (as well as Fate fighting game and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom).

At first I was worried the attack animations were rather slow or clunky, but it’s really just Kamen Rider Wizard lol.

I’m glad I like how most of my favorite Kamen Riders play. Well they are the older ones so they’re ‘more basic’, I guess (but they are still no slouch). Kuuga and Agito are nice (I think Kuuga is very powerful). Faiz is simple but still nice. Ryuuki though, he is also simple but his charge attacks all seem slow (I guess it can’t be helped, his Rider kick indeed has ‘a lot of flairs’).


As for the other Riders, Forte prominently has Dynasty Warriors-style attacks (the square triangle thing) while most other Riders’ normal combos are just square buttons. Still not sure how to use Kabuto and Hibiki correctly (the now loading screens kind of describe their specialties, but these are random and a bit fast to read). Decade is ‘expectedly’ interesting; you can set 3 Rider cards and switch between them to borrow their appearances and special attacks.


I haven’t leveled up the Riders much though (it seems maximum level is 40), so these are just my initial impressions.

Back when Gundam Musou was released, I was also hoping for Ultraman Musou and Kamen Rider Musou. In retrospect, Ultraman Musou is a bit hard since they are giants and all. They should definitely try to make another Ultraman game like Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna, though:

(I think this game is still to this date the ultimate Ultraman simulation game ^^;)

But yeah, although not done by Koei, Kamen Rider Musou is finally here and it doesn’t seem to disappoint ^^

I’m pretty sure they’re going to do Showa Riders next (my childhood Rider is Black :p)


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