Kamen Rider Battride War [3] Progress

Beat story mode and the secondary mode Rider Road.

In Rider Road, you tackle 3 consecutive stages with special conditions, for example the health doesn’t regenerate between stages or even steadily depletes (poisoned). There are only 14 of these Rider Roads (so 42 stages to beat).

The combo count system in this game is funny in that it’s not ‘accurate’. You can equip skills to make the combo count rise faster, lol (for getting more bonuses). Also, as long as you’re in the momentary ultimate form, the combo count doesn’t drop even if you haven’t attacked for a while or get attacked.

I focused exclusively on Kuuga, lol. I think he is really powerful. His Pegasus form (bow) can wipe out crowds real fast and the running part of his Rider kick can rack up a lot of combos. He also has a simple attack that crushes enemy’s guard (which also stuns them afterward), and an uppercut that is good for annoying airborne enemies.


That’s not his maximum stats, though. Even after level 99, one can still continue to increase the Rider stats by doing more Rider Roads.

I’m left with grind trophies lol, unless some of the figurines which I need to get all of them can only be gotten by S-ranking certain stages (instead of buying them all from the shop). The ‘ride bike for 555km’ seems to be the last trophy for many people. I hope it doesn’t take too long… ^^;

The most expensive figurine costs 900,000, which comes with a skill that allows unlimited use of ultimate form. I already have the money and I think I should get this first, since unlimited ultimate = extremely high combo count, but I’m waiting for the 20% price drop -.-;


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