Kamen Rider Battride War [4] Platinum! & Oboro Muramasa

Just platinum-ed the game ^^

Like many people, I couldn’t escape the fate of ‘ride bike for 555km’ being the last trophy I need to grind… -_-”

In the end, I found a nice stage to lap around. I watched an anime side-by-side and it took me 6 anime episodes, lol.


To be fair, riding the bike feels quite good in this game (though I keep scraping the walls and obstacles… ^^;)

I also dig the ‘flick left analog stick two times’ to sprint, too. It feels very intuitive to me. Wish more games have the same control.

It’s too bad but I don’t get to use many Riders beside Kuuga (I sampled all of them for at least two stages at least). I think Kuuga is really powerful and fun to use, despite some people say that he’s a ‘mid-tier’. I recently learned how to transform to his Rising forms (successful charge attacks), found one of his attacks can rack up ultimate gauge very fast (Pegasus’ charged square), and how to use his Titan form (guard breaker, counter).


If I were to get back to this game, I would probably use Faiz next. I like Agito as a Rider but in this game he’s kind of a less fun (and powerful?) version of Kuuga. At least Faiz seems to have different tricks. Btw, Faiz is ‘555’, which is where the 555km trophy comes from… -.-”


My local shop was able to get me this recently:


Unlike the English version, they don’t call it Rebirth or anything.

Even when I’m beating them, games just keep coming ^^;


One thought on “Kamen Rider Battride War [4] Platinum! & Oboro Muramasa

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