Scattery Gaming…

After being done with Kamen Rider Battride War, I can’t pinpoint a game to exclusively focus on lol (I haven’t opened my Oboro Muramasa ^^;).


Played more Fate/stay night. On 10th day now (maybe the game takes place in 3 weeks?). I think the writer is too self-indulgent when explaining all the magic and stuffs -_-” Characters are cool I but still don’t get why this game is so highly regarded. My friend told me the best part is on the Heaven’s Feel route, which is on third playthrough. I heard there are lots of bad ends but I managed to not die yet… ^^; (I did see some choices that it’s not hard to imagine I would die if I were to pick them) Not sure if I have to see all bad ends to complete the trophies… if so, the clean-ups might be a little of a pain -.-;


Also played more Umineko Chiru. On episode 6 now. I’m tempted to skip through the game since I read the PC version before (while waiting for the PS3 version to arrive, lol). But then again, it’s a good second read. Chapter 6 is unique in a lot of ways and it’s one of the important chapters for explaining the truth of the series (although some people argue that it’s a misdirection).

Edit: I seriously think I should say ‘read’ instead of ‘play’ for visual novels from now on… ^^;


Bought DOA5 online pass hopefully to complete the trophies before DOA5U arrives. I’m not sure if I would get DOA5U though. The reason I want to complete DOA5 is when DOA5U arrives, its online might become completely dead (thus impossible to get the online trophies).

The online as of now already seems to be in a bad state, though. I hardly get invitations when I’m doing Arcade or Training. I don’t know if I’m at the wrong time or at the short end of the stick (because of my region & connection etc, I might be rated low by the matchmaking system and so I’m hardly matched with any opponent).


Also completed Vita’s built-in collection of mini games Welcome Park. The slide puzzle games are the ones giving me most trouble, of course (because of the strict time requirements). And I… cheated, of course :p


Also obtained a few trivial trophies from Neptune mk2, Neptune V and Final Fantasy XIII-2. I really should complete these RPGs since Neptune Rebirth and Lightning Returns are coming. My progress of Final Fantasy XIII is on my old account as well… -.-“


14 thoughts on “Scattery Gaming…

  1. WingedHao

    1000 online matches for a DoA5 trophy, no thanks. D:

    Last time I was that on was during the first BlazBlue game. Required 200 wins for ranked matches, I think. Ended playing over 1k matches online.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yeah… -.-” And not only that, I can’t hardly find any match in both Simple and Ranked matches. The surest way is Lobby match, but then I need to wait for my turn -_-” Once I found someone in Simple match, though, we could keep rematching.

      Yep, saw your first BlazBlue 100% trophy list. Very impressive X)

  2. WingedHao

    And yeah, I think DoA5 online is pretty much dead now, I think. Reminds me of SCV, I gave up the plat because I went back after several months and most of the players are just playing in player matches. Should have keep playing online when the game is still hot.

    1. Helu Post author

      Hmm, I remembered even then I was having trouble finding matches in SCV (back when it was just released). I heard from a Singaporean SCV player that it’s much easier to find matches in Xbox360 version than PS3 version. I also followed Maximilian’s SCV YouTube videos back then and was kinda jealous to see he just kept getting matches after matches -.-” I kinda suspect some of these fighting games’ matchmaking systems are just not treating our region fairly (maybe they’re only thoroughly tested in US, Europe, Japan etc but not anywhere else).

      Persona 4 Arena seems dead, too… I waited a while, met Elizabeth player and got thrashed, waited a while, and then gave up, lol.

      1. WingedHao

        Elizabeth is OPed! I hate her in P4A. But I had my fun in P4A when the JPN and Asia ver. came out first. Fought plenty of JPN players with nearly lag-free games.

      2. Helu Post author

        Yep. I’m like 10 levels short before I can reach level 30. I want to use other characters but the level is per character not per player -.-” and the points earned from losing is close to nil -_-” so need to win. Another game I regret for having stopped playing it but oh well…

        But yeah, I thought the netcode was amazing.

        And yeah, fighting games need lots of time and dedication… If not ready for it (or just excited by the initial hype), be prepared for some eternally incomplete trophy lists lol ^^;

  3. WingedHao

    P4A trophy list is probably one of the hardest so far thanks to score attack. It’s way too difficult.

    I also gave up the other 4 trophy lists of BlazBlues on my PSN. Never like clearing those challenge mode. lol

    1. Helu Post author

      Lol, yeah, the Score Attack…. -_-“”

      At least it’s offline, so maybe, MAYBE, one of these days I MIGHT have the patience to tackle it, lol.

    1. Helu Post author

      I basically use an online solver (

      After taking a nice ‘1 to 16’ 4 x 4 pic on Welcome Park ( and choosing puzzle type, wait for it to finish generating the puzzle, then quickly screen cap the puzzle (Home + start button), then quickly move the app to background (keep tapping Home button) (takes maybe 3-5 seconds). Go to Photos app, look at the puzzle numbers and input the numbers to the solver.

      If there’s no solution (because in Vita you can do that other one action), just try again to get a different puzzle until the solver has a solution.

      Once you find the solution, follow the steps in solver. Just keep switching the Welcome Park between foreground and background to pause the game and give yourself time (Home button) (and you can still see the numbers even though it’s zoomed out when in the background, too).

      For 14-puzzle, just ignore the step that asks you to move 15 tile.

      Hope it helps ;)

      1. OshareKeiji

        Thanks, will try that.

        Regarding fighting games, I’ve only done 2 on the PS3: Arcana Heart 3 and Gundam Extreme Vs. Not too keen on the popular ones, and I’m only willing to put up with so much online based trophies.

        Had an easy time platting EXVS since I played with the same Nico Community crowd that I do Busou Shinki Battle Masters with. None of us were outstandingly great, we just participated for kicks, the live feed broadcast, and of course, the trophies. My cousin also played AH3, so we just boosted. It took forever because of the RP level thing though.

        Perhaps the only game with online trophies I’ll never get is Gundam Musou 3 (Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3). The crowd who used to play it is probably stuck on EXVS now (or perhaps even Gundam Breaker).

        My initial motivation for getting it is mainly because it’s the only other Gundam game apart from EXVS and UC that features the Kshatriya as a playable unit (albeit as DLC), so I’m not too disappointed about that little pickle.

      2. Helu Post author

        I see ^^

        Hmm do you mind sharing your PSN ID? Mine is HeluVITA ^^ Would like to see some of your trophy collections.

        Haven’t followed Gundam games recently but back then in my old account I did plat Gundam Musou 2, which had some online trophies and took 100+ hours at least (combined with offline)

        I do own the Gundam UC game but haven’t started on it ^^;

        Interesting that you are able to play with Japanese gaming communities. Reminds me back then when Peace Walker was out in Japan and in order to play co-ops I had to install and use Adhoc Party (usually used for Monster Hunter) and for the first time I had to chat in Japanese with real Japanese players to communicate my thoughts X) Those were the days lol.

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