Umineko Chiru Episode 6 & 7

Just finished reading Episode 7 (and Episode 6 between the last post and this one).

Episode 6 is probably the series’ climax in terms of logical arguments battle. The battle ends in a… weird way though, but it’s still epic nevertheless.


Episode 7 is like the answer episode. It reveals the culprit and even the solution to the riddle that has existed since Episode 1. But just when it seems that everything is nicely concluded, it pulls off another craziness in the super long epilogue part.

So I’m left with the last Episode 8. I can’t remember much about Episode 8 other than it’s ‘for Ange’ and, unlike any previous installment, has quizzes, mini game and even multiple endings. Can’t remember what the battles are all about other than it’s everyone’s ‘last dance’.

Reading Episode 8 would probably take me another 2 days… It’s pretty hard to finish an Umineko episode in 1 sitting. Even 2 sittings are kinda pushing it… ^^;

As a bonus, here’s a nice Umineko song. The original ‘hope’ is instrumental and it’s one of the more notable Umineko music and usually used during serene scenes. This one is a vocal version sung by Nayuta:


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