Project Diva Arcade [3] Lost And Found

The arcade that had Project Diva Arcade cabinet suddenly closed down, lol.

I was very surprised when I came to visit the arcade one day, took the escalator and it transformed to some furniture shop O.o

But now, I spotted another arcade with Project Diva Arcade cabinet.

And I’m pretty sure it’s the SAME CABINET, lol. It’s because both of them have touchscreen issue; you have to actually press significantly to the left of the point you want to touch.

That’s partly the reason why I forgot my password; I had to input some easy password to overcome the touch issue, something like 1111… or aaaa…. The problem is I forgot how many characters of 1 or a did I use to to set the password and how I mixed them etc.

Thankfully, there is a password reset function but you have to wait for an hour… having done that I guess I’ll set a new password on my next visit.

I feel the menu keeps rushing you, lol… -_-

And I’m using Yowane Haku! It’s because previously when I could login to the Project Diva Arcade website, I had purchased Yowane Haku module and set it as my module. Cool!


I tried two songs that are exclusive to Project Diva Arcade:

ハイスクール Days – DIVA EDIT (High School Days)

Holy Star -2010 DIVA mix-

Both are catchy and nice, but I personally prefer Holy Star (the music).

High School Days, if I remember correctly, has some tricky hold notes. Basically the game’s button layout is (from left to right) triangle square x circle and so intuitively I use my left hand to hold square but then it asks me to press triangle! (so I have to cross over my right hand to reach triangle) To be fair, the hold notes in this game are optional and it’s just to rack up the score. I still need to make peace that it’s not square triangle x circle… -_-”

I have also never gotten the part that asks to press 4 buttons simultaneously correct. Seems like I need to use my both thumbs and both pinkies…

Next time I should bring earphones. The cabinet is next to Street Fighter IV cabinets! >.<


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