Oboro Muramasa [2] Liking It So Far

Finally started on Oboro Muramasa / Muramasa Rebirth on Vita.


This is my first time playing it since I sold my Wii long before the original Wii version was released, lol.

I picked Easy Mode, lol. Want to enjoy the game instead of being possibly frustrated.


But it turns out the difficulty can be changed anytime mid-game. I think Easy Mode just helps you to block even when you’re attacking (or mashing the attack button lol)?

I decided to play the ninja guy Kisuke first, save Momohime for later.

I don’t think I need to repeat what many people probably have been raving about how beautiful the 2D graphics is ^^;


Have I played a 2D game this beautiful before? Let me see…


(I haven’t played Odin Sphere, lol).

I really enjoy the food eating part. Not only the foods look really good, you actually progress in eating the foods and it’s beautifully animated! I’m starting to get very hungry… -.-;


Was pleasantly surprised to meet the other character Momohime when I entered the hot spring… :p


I’m actually not sure how different their stories would be and whether they would be acquainted with each other, but I guess this is one of the instances where they cross paths.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by the Japanese though since the characters speak in a rather… poetic way? And the item and place names are mostly in kanji with no kana reading provided. Wish I know what’s the sword I’m holding is called, lol ^^;

I really like the combat, especially how one can perform special attacks by holding the attack button and then flicking the analog sticks. It feels slippery at times though but can’t be helped, I guess.

Not sure how long/short the game is, but I have played for about 4 hours.

Oh, and one more thing :p


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