Oboro Muramasa [4] Onsen Time!

Glad to meet Momohime in onsen for the 2nd time!


The conversation is quite funny lol. Kisuke said that even though both of them seem to love onsen, there is a limit to how they can keep bumping into each other.


Nevertheless, he chose not to ask for her name since he has no interest in flat-chested women.



Naturally, Momohime feels offended.


Since I haven’t played her story mode, this is also my first time hearing her voice.

I thought that I would meet Kongiku next and have some conversation like ‘Yuzuruha? No, you’re not her…’, but I guess Kongiku is exclusive to Momohime’s story mode.

My Vita ran out of battery again lol… The game has used up two full charges.


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