Gyakuten Saiban 5

Lol, in the end I didn’t complete Oboro Muramasa’s Momohime’s story mode… ^^;

It’s not that the game is boring or anything… Well, it’s true that the game gets boring after a while (’empty’, as someone put it), but I really enjoy the art and the battles, to me this game is like an interactive artwork and I don’t mind manually backtracking instead of using the teleport mirrors just to see the beautiful sceneries. It’s just that I was working on other things :p

Anyway, I got my copy of Gyakuten Saiban 5! (Ace Attorney 5)

I’m not exactly Ace Attorney fan (didn’t play the recent Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, didn’t play the spin-off Ace Attorney Investigations series, didn’t watch the movie adaptation), but I did play Ace Attorney 1-4 on Nintendo DS. I completely forgot most of the stories, though.

But when I played Ace Attorney 1-4 back then, I was still buying English version of Japanese games. So this Gyakuten Saiban 5 is my first Japanese Gyakuten Saiban game.

I beat the introduction chapter and is now on the first long case.

My impressions so far: despite now in 3D, the characters still look as comical & lively as the 2D version! And it’s pretty hard to tell whether they are 3D until they start moving (well, if you look really carefully, you might notice that the outlines are tad not as good as 2D artwork lines). The sweats are a bit hard to see, though. Lots of anime snippets, which is a nice bonus (it’s as if they learn from Level 5).

Overall it feels like a good old Ace Attorney game. I’m left wondering how some parts would be translated to English, considering they are playing around with the Japanese language… ^^;

I do feel that the game would have more impact if I were to read the English version, though (as I did with Ace Attorney 1-4). I think the overall experience is a bit diluted because of my imperfect understanding of Japanese. But this problem is on my end, lol.

Also, I got the costume pack while it’s free (it’s free up to 15th Aug, Japanese version). Not planning to use them until I beat the game, though.

I have a lingering question, which is: where is Maya?


I’m staying away from forums so that I don’t get spoiled, lol. This game doesn’t really require a guide, anyway.


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