Dropping out of the trophy race


I’ve been thinking about how trophies have been affecting the way I play my games.

According to the list I came up with, trophies make me:

– set aside games that have no trophies. Basically PSP, PS2 and Nintendo games. Save them for later after I get every trophies out of all my current games, which probably would never happen (difficult-to-get trophies and I keep buying more games).

– even if I play games without trophies (the ones I really want to play), I might rush them so that I can move on with my trophy hunt.

– generally rush through games instead of taking my time to enjoy them.

– do things I probably wouldn’t do within the game just to get trophies.

– switch to another game as soon I complete the trophies even though I may not be done with the game (at least I don’t feel that I’m done).

– buy games that I wouldn’t have bought because they have easy trophies.

– avoid games that I’m personally interested in either because they have no trophies or they have some online competitive or very difficult trophies.

– check the trophy lists of games before buying them to identify these pain-in-the-ass trophies. It’s as if I’m shopping for trophies and not games.

– obsessively watch my rankings in trophy sites.

– keep games I don’t like just because I haven’t gotten all their trophies.

Note that these might sound extreme, but in practice there are exceptions (I still play certain games even if they have no trophies) and I have restrained myself (I don’t just buy any game with easy trophies) and I don’t commit all those points at once.

But yeah, because of above points I think I should dramatically lower my obsession on trophies. I should start playing non-trophy games that I have been abandoning, actually care for the games that I’m playing etc.

It’s not that trophies are bad. Without a doubt they can prove a number of things like whether you are a dedicated fan to the series; I’ve met a number of dubious MGS fans for example (to be fair, they might have already played the non-trophy version to death and they don’t feel like redoing the whole thing).

It’s just that I think trophies have been affecting me in ways I don’t quite like.

They have good points too, and doubtless people can point them out, like they give motivations and more replay value etc, but at least in my case the negative effects seem to outweigh the good points.

These might also be a few of the reasons why Nintendo hasn’t jumped into the trophy bandwagon yet.

I may still continue to aim for trophies but only to a few select games that I really deeply care about. Even then I wouldn’t look at the trophy list in serious manner until I beat the game (and if I miss some trophies that require me to start a fresh new playthrough and I don’t feel like doing another run… too bad ^^;)

Other than that… Yeah, I think I should stop caring for trophies and start to actually be immersed into the worlds of the games I’m playing.

This might be easier said than done -.-;

But even without trophies I would probably still have to face other weird obsessions like the desire to get every items etc ^^;


13 thoughts on “Dropping out of the trophy race

  1. OshareKeiji

    You know what? Your sentiments and certain points regarding trophies pretty much mirror my own.

    After finishing Lumines Electronic Symphony and 100%-ing the darn thing, I suddenly felt drained. So much so that I put Neptune PP and Macross 30 on the backburner for now and tried a few games at random just for kicks.

    It’s fun to get them, but making trophies the center of your gaming universe just kills the experience at times.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yeah… I missed those days when I play games purely to know what happens next and be immersed inside the game worlds, and actually want to stay in those worlds for longer periods.

      Back then I also didn’t have Internet that would tempt me to spoil myself over (watch cutscenes/learn plot surprises before I actually reach those parts in the game). Pretty destructive habit that I managed to overcome, but I’m sure many people (even a few real-life friends) are still falling into these fun-killing traps.

      What happened to Neptune PP and Macross 30? Dislike some of the gameplay elements? ^^;

  2. OshareKeiji

    Macross 30 was nice, making an original story with action RPG elements and crossovers beats those antiquated “history recollection” BS that was standard fare from the PSP games. The annoying part is that to obtain certain booster plans, you have to get great times in the Vanquish Races. My tendency to stick to Battroid and Gerwalk modes coupled with lack of flight sim aptitude caught up with me on that one.

    Neptune PP: As I mentioned in the “hey, I’m alive” post in my neck of the woods, my inexperience with Im@s style games might prove to be my undoing in this one… my hunch was right. It would’ve been nice if you weren’t required to collect every single event per character, including the one where you have the Idol group unit break up (and get a member’s affection rating to drop to zero in the process)

    Right now I’m just relieving stress with Biohazard Darkside Chronicles, leveling everyone to 99 in Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds, or just finishing up some backlogged model kits if I can’t get my game mode on.

  3. WingedHao

    I gotta admit some of those points are so right on. I too got caught into this at some point later after Sony make trophy list is a must for all the game releases after Feb 2009. As for platinums, I just grab the ones that are within my reach.

    Still, I wouldn’t avoid the games I like just because a trophy or two seems impossible to get. Play them because I know they are something I’m gonna enjoy. I mean, why would I want to try so hard, clock in 800+ hours for a Star Ocean TLH plat when I feel that I’m already satisfied with 2 playthroughs of it with all 10 character endings seen.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yeah, I guess that point is pretty weak… The only games I can come up with that fall under that reason are mostly fighters (I already have enough fighters to try to master lol) and Ninja Gaiden Sigma series (need to find online partner and hope it doesn’t lag). I thought there would be more, but the rest are actually more because I’m afraid those games would suck up so much of my time instead.

    1. WingedHao

      If you can get good with AH, I think BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series shouldn’t be a problem since they shared some common mechanics in their gameplay like double jump, air dash etc.

      Then again, you have to spent a good amount of time in training modes and stuffs to get down the basic for each fighting games. For me, I can’t get into SF series because of the strict inputs and I never have the motivation to practice that game daily.

  4. OshareKeiji

    AH was pretty much a carryover from my old PS2 days. More than actually getting “good with it”, the sentiment is more like “it’s the only fighting game I can actually have fun with”.

    Justice Gakuen on the other hand, has a basic combo string system that’s easy to grasp without even setting foot in the practice mode. That, and the galge-style character creation mode (Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki) in the PS1 versions had me hooked since day one.

    1. Helu Post author

      I remember playing the Justice Gakuen visual novel with the create-a-character option! (iirc disc 2 or something) I think I got Batsu (lol) and Akira’s endings ^^


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