Gyakuten Saiban 5 Complete

Beat the game in 5 days.

Unfortunately, Maya is not in this game (she is called Mayoi in Japanese, btw) as she was undergoing some spiritual training, she wrote in her letter to Wright in the last chapter. Instead, she sent her cousin Pearl (called Harumi in Japanese):


But it became quite clear as to why Maya wasn’t in this game, as even her sister Pearl and Trucy (called Minuki in Japanese) didn’t get much screen time either.

It’s pretty much because Athena (Kokone) is a central character to this game, and she has to take the spots of Maya, Pearl and Trucy:


She is not just a new female partner, she is a beginner attorney and she is in fact the attorney player in one of the chapters. The new mini-game revolves around her ability (not to worry, it’s nothing too complicated) and she is an important character in the last chapter.

And because she’s an attorney, she also has those weird expressions like Wright and Apollo, probably a first for female partner in the series:


I like Athena but I had to get used to the weird hairstyle (the reason her hairstyle is weird is because she’s an attorney just like Wright and Apollo, lol). I feel bad for Pearl and Trucy though, they are really like mere extras in this game.

There is also a reason why the detective Dick Gumshoe didn’t return; someone else needs to take the spot, but again the reason is pretty much warranted and it’s not some shabby decision that meaninglessly hurts fans.

Overall, I think it’s a very good Ace Attorney game and the last chapter is especially a riot (and a great fan service, not that kind). My memory is kinda hazy about the previous games, but I feel that 3 is the best. Ace Attorney 3 is like the original end of the series, until they decide to continue it with 4.

But 5 seems to wrap up what 4 has started, just like how 1 2 3 was a complete trilogy and 4 needed to ‘shake things up’ in order to continue the series. Basically if they were to make 6, it would be something like 4.

There’s not much replay value other than going through the game again to understand the story details better. The only DLC I probably pick up in the future is the additional case, which is the first case after Wright re-obtains his license.


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