Fate Extra/CCC [1] First Dungeon

My god… after 2hr 24min of playing time that I can finally move around in a dungeon… >_<

To be fair, I'm actually just continuing my previous save when I tried the game for the first time last time instead of starting a fresh new save, but yeah, the total play time said 2hr 24min.

I picked Caster as my servant. Back then in the first game, I used Saber and then Archer. I stopped halfway in the middle of my third playthrough as Caster. So this time, I thought I'm gonna use Caster.

She is more tricky to level up though, coz she specializes in magic and yet at the start of the game she doesn't have enough MP to use magic and other reasons.

Caster's starting status:

写真 1

But I’m a bit troubled, my Peace Walker limited edition PSP-3000 (and my only PSP)’s disc reader is failing me… It would go to the quit game screen whenever it’s having trouble.

I may have to stop playing this game short when my PSP finally decides to give up. Now I believe that cartridge-based systems are really better than disc-based (ignoring cost and other factors) -,-

Edit: After I used data install, my playing experience has become much better (less occurrences of ‘quit to game’ screen). They still happen, though.

I’m surprised, Caster’s stats can actually raise when level up! Back then in the first game, it’s only limited to HP and MP and the rest requires soul modification (basically you decide how to allocate the limited bonus points you acquired from level ups).

Caster’s level 2 stats:


Also acquired Caster’s first skill on level 2. Deal magical damage and anti-break stun:


What is anti-break stun? Basically, if you know the enemy is going to use break, if you counter it with this move, not only you’ll successfully counter, but it will also put them to a stun state for the next one move, allowing whatever your offensive move (attack or break, not guard) to always win on the next move.

I’m not sure if anything like soul modification still exists in this game since there are no ‘bonus points’. There is a currency called Sakurament but this seems to be money for purchasing items & equipments.

Well, I don’t really mind if they remove soul modification ^^

Edit 2: Hmm, if I connect my PSP to AC adapter, the disc reader doesn’t act up? Could it be the battery? Or the thing that uses the battery? In any case, it’s true that my PSP battery has become bad. The battery can drain to death in a few days even if I completely turn off my PSP. Maybe I should purchase a new battery… But then again, is it the battery or the thing that uses the battery? -_-”

Lol, to quickly respawn enemies, you can just save at the fountain and then go to system > load.


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