Fate/Extra CCC [2] 0.o

They’ve certainly upped the sexual innuendos in this game…

First, I’m pretty sure they’ve increased Caster’s bust size.


Either it’s an optical illusion, or they take advantage of the fact that the original cloth from the first game kinda hides her real bust size. I’ll check after I unlock the 1st game costume in this game (saw it in a game magazine) and compare with my captures of the 1st game. Or I just have a bad eyesight… ^^;

Then, we have the new Lancer…

写真 1

Supposedly the thin pieces of clothing hide her nipples, but… for the 3d model, the ‘nipple locations’ are… debatable (even the 2D art is kinda pushing it in my opinion…).

写真 3

写真 4

She seems to have a sadistic side, too:

写真 2

Then there is a girl kiss:

写真 1

写真 2

Then we have SG, Secret Garden:

写真 1

It’s basically the characters’ pieces of private personal info.

写真 2

Apparently one of the goals in this game, even considered a main goal, is to find more and more of these SGs (they are used to unlock more dungeons it seems).

As you find more SG of the same character, the flowers get less and less…


You also have SG of your servant:

写真 3

Didn’t expect the game to go this far, but oh well, I’ll take the eye candies… ^^;

Note that the first game isn’t really like this. Well, maybe just Red Saber’s translucent skirt…

Currently my Caster is at level 8 and just learned a new skill:

写真 1

写真 2

It’s pretty much the anti-attack stun counterpart of the first skill.

Gotta say I’m liking this game. It’s like the first game minus a lot of the annoying points. No more soul modification, and now you can travel to all dungeon levels instead of having to choose and be stuck in one (and you can’t just go back and choose a different level since you would spend a unit of time). There is also an auto command in the battle that automatically assigns the right counter moves to enemy’s visible moves, and random for the invisible ones.


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