Fate/Extra CCC [3] Beat Chapter 1

Finally beat chapter 1.

Had a close call boss battle fight, even though I thought I had ground (past tense of grind) sufficiently. Could be Caster wasn’t as easy character as Saber in the beginning due to low physical and defense stats. Utilizing her stun skills is a must though there is a limit to how many you can execute in low level.

Then there is some sort of… quiz mini-game after the battle where you need to pick correct answers. I’m expecting this would appear at the end of every chapter. You can actually reach dead end if you answer wrong too many times! (though there is a retry option after that). For this first chapter, all the correct answers seem to be choice 1 lol. Just worried that this might affect the ending, but oh well… I have decided to play this game without looking at any info.

The opening movie actually plays between the end of chapter 1 and start of chapter 2:

Quite scary pics in there:






…Well, onto chapter 2!



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