Fate/Extra CCC [3] Caster’s 3rd Skill

Obtained Caster’s 3rd skill when I reached level 13.

写真 1

It’s a skill where Caster can temporarily absorb MP whenever she does successful break to recover her MP (The ways to recover MP in this game, especially during long battles, are pretty limited). Not sure for how many turns and it seems to absorb 5-10MP per break. She’ll be attacked after she performs the skill so it’s best to use it when enemy is guarding. The right time to use this move seems pretty situational, probably just for boss battles when you run out of MP and you don’t want to use/have any recovery item, yet you want to build more MP to unleash more offensive skills later (and this skill itself takes 20MP).

Caster reached level 16 now:

写真 2

I have an interesting idea which is to follow this game’s ‘official’ stat growth for the first game where you freely distribute the stats instead, lol. Doubt it’s gonna result in the most powerful Caster but it may be strong enough to beat the first game. (And in the first game, although you can reach level 99, level 40 is quite enough for the final boss.)

The Tiger Quest from the first game also makes a return, lol (I thought it was axed as well). Basically the character Taiga asks you to find certain items in the dungeon and brings them to her. In return, your personal room becomes prettier. Not sure if it’s required for anything else…


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