Persona 4 Golden [2] Current Progress of Social Links


I thought I should figure out which social links I have maxed so that I can replace some Personas that I no longer have to carry (they were needed to boost the progress of their corresponding social links and to match the guide instructions).

Okay, so I’ve maxed: (and since I’m playing the Japanese version, here are some trivias)

女帝(Jotei)/Empress (Margaret)
法王(Houou)/Hierophant (Ryoutarou)
正義(Seigi)/Justice (Nanako)
悪魔(Akuma)/Devil (Nurse)

What the hell is Hierophant? According to Wikipedia, a hierophant is a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy… *stops reading* lol.

So I maxed 4 out of 21 social links, and I can only carry 12 Personas at the same time. Definitely still need more shuffling around…


Damn MC, bringing a Kouhai into his room… >:(



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