Beginning Shining Ark


After learning about Tony Taka’s new artbook that combines both Shining Blade & Shining Ark materials (that was unexpected…) (also, Lost in Reminiscence wrote a short review on it), I thought that I should pick up Shining Ark again. I was very early in the game, like only after the 1st story mission or so…

I remember I actually had fun with Shining Blade. It’s like a casual Valkyria Chronicles with fantasy setting. Unfortunately, the game was never really challenging (maybe I grinded more than necessary, lol). I’m left with basically upgrading all the characters which aren’t necessary since they’re powerful enough even post-game.

Another regrettable thing about Shining Blade is that while the 3D character models did the job, they aren’t very good. If you look at them in character viewer the girls have horrible pointy noses! Shining Ark’s character models are much better in comparison. Unfortunately Shining Ark seems to consist mainly of new characters… (Shining Blade’s cast was much more spectacular… gathering many characters from Tears, Wind and Hearts). I hope they will have another all-star cast Tony Taka Shining game like Blade in the future, this time on VITA or so (or just remake Blade, lol. Very unlikely but one can always dream).

I was also worried that Shining Ark took some cues from time-based Shining Hearts because of the day and night system (I haven’t learned to like time-based games). But it turned out that you can stay in a particular point of the story for as long as you want, no matter how many days have ‘passed by’. That was a relief for me ^^;

I remember one of the reasons I made a gaming diary back then was to write down goals or things to do in the games so that even if I put them away for some times, I would still remember what I need to do (hence the ‘diary’). I’m thinking of actually doing those things this time (or maybe not if it turns out I don’t have time, lol).


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