Shining Ark [1] Progress Check


Checking my progress…

So I’m on chapter 2, standard difficulty (can be changed anytime in menu screen, lower difficulty is called casual), my average party level is 9…

Did all free battle quests from Quest Shop…

Fried’s weapons: Azel Sword lv3, Mithril Sword lv1
Shannon’s weapons: Old Wooden Bow lv3, Mithril Bow lv4
Zynga’s weapons: Battle Halberd lv2

Don’t have materials to further upgrade the weapons… Zynga has one more weapon to create but I’m missing some materials…

I have two active bread baking quests, but one requires ingredient gotten from fishing, and the other eggs from chicken. I don’t even encounter the fishing mini-game yet, and I have waited for the chicken yet they don’t drop any egg, so I guess both these quests are to be done later.

Hmm… weird, after I go to the next day, I’m getting more conversations and village quests that I didn’t get before when I stopped playing? I thought time stands still in this game? Or am I misunderstanding something?

In any case, I just need to speak to Shannon to advance the story.

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