Shining Ark [2] Baking Breads


The next story quest was to re-capture animals that ran away during the giant’s attack so you can gather milk or eggs etc so you can bake breads and make children happy. That’s the context but in the quest you just need to kill monsters.

And this quest gives a tutorial on monster’s breakable and weak parts. Apparently you should break breakable parts since you’ll get more rewards at the end of quest and you may reveal hidden weak parts.

Doing a battle again after a long time, I forgot one fact and that is Panis is actually AI-controlled. When it’s her turn, she will do what she likes. It’s interesting and so far she didn’t get in the way but I hope she doesn’t give lots of troubles later on… >.<

After the quest is done, the game gives tutorial on baking breads. Fortunately, baking breads is easy in this game, unlike Shining Hearts (I seem to have lots of points I dislike about Shining Hearts, lol). You just need to have ingredients.

After that, the game unlocks features to be able to bake breads and gather items from animals. Apparently you can get more bread recipes from Lian, Shannon's mother, and each animal only gives one item a day.

I should be able to complete the bread quest that requires an egg as an ingredient now.

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