Shining Ark [3] Personality


Personality, a game system which I know is also featured in Valkyria Chronicles series and Shining Blade, is quite an interesting feature. Each character has a unique set of ‘personalities’, which in gameplay context are conditional buffs/debuffs that have a chance of being triggered when their conditions are met.

For example, one personality of Shannon is お姉ちゃん(oneechan/sister). When she is near either Fried or Panis, this personality may trigger and raise her magic defense and accuracy.

I wonder though, do the designers really expect us to take into account the characters’ personalities when we think of our next move? I think that’s a lot of info to keep in mind… and when a personality triggers, only the name is displayed on the cut-in. If I didn’t memorize the personality previously by checking in the menu screen (which is not available during battles), I wouldn’t be sure what triggers it and what effects it causes. Not only that, the activation rate is not 100%; even if you satisfy the conditions the personality may not trigger.

I played through Shining Blade, which also has the Personality system, and I must say I ignored the system completely and yet I went through the game just fine (overpowered, in fact). It might have given me advantages or even disadvantages, but I just didn’t feel that it changed anything much in battles.

This time in Shining Ark, I thought it would be pretty fun to at least remember some of the personalities. I wouldn’t think of my next move keeping personalities in mind since it might not be worth the trouble, but when they do trigger, at least I know how they have affected the battles.

(I use + and – to denote whether they have good or bad effects).


When near allies, attack and defense may increase.

+おおらかな心(oorakana kokoro/big heart)
When attacked by close-range attack, defense and magic defense may increase.

-他人優先(tanin yuusen/others first)
When near 2 or more allies, reaction may decrease.
(I guess reaction is avoidance rate… basically this personality tries to emulate those characters who would sacrifice himself to prevent others from being hurt)


At start of turn, force gauge may increase.

When near enemies, reaction may decrease.

-記憶喪失(kioku soushitsu/memory loss)
When move gauge is below half, magic may decrease.
(Extra: The 消失 of 初音ミクの消失(Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, popular Miku song) is shoushitsu lol (or alternatively, syoshitsu). It’s not the same as this soushitsu).

-水嫌い(mizu kirai/hate water)
When attacked by close-range attack, water-based attack may deal more damage.
(I can see an additional story where she overcomes her fear of water miles away… ^^;)


+パン職人(pan shokunin/bread artisan)
When using bread, may recover more health.
(I would understand if she feeds others but, isn’t this for herself?)

-新レシピ(shin reshipi/new recipe)
At start of turn, accuracy may decrease.
(I guess she loses concentration because while thinking of the new recipe…)

When near allies, defense may decrease.
(Who would have thought I would encounter the Japanese for busybody so soon, lol)

+お姉ちゃん(oneechan/older sister)
When near Fried or Panis, magic defense and accuracy may increase.


At start of turn, accuracy may decrease.
(Similar to Shannon’s New Recipe personality…)

+頼れる兄貴(tayoreru aniki/dependable big brother)
When counter-attacked by an enemy, the damage may decrease.

+村の守護者(mura no jyugosha/village’s protector)
When near Fried or Shannon, defense may increase.

When attacked by close-range attack, accuracy may increase.

I think this system is just to give the characters more ‘life’ than just being units with different stats and attacks. Their personalities seen in the story are also reflected in gameplay in battles, something like that…

Interesting, but I wonder if players would actually care… ^^;

If I were to pick a Valkyria Chronicles player, choose a random character, and ask them to list and describe that character’s personalities, would they be able to do it?

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