Shining Ark [4] Progress


I gave up trying to complete all bread and delivery quests before moving onto the story quests, since they never seem to run out, lol. Some are repeat quests, and there is a series of progressive bread quests but I already faced a wall since the quest breads now require fish as ingredients, and I can’t fish yet.

Met my newest party member which is the robot Adam.


Adam turns out to be very helpful and the villagers like him a lot, lol.

He manages a garden next to Shannon’s house. Basically, I just need to give him some seeds and the next day he would give back some ingredients. Why can it be so fast? Panis and her magical songs, lol…

Also met Kourin-maru, a spirit that looks like she’s made of Maxima/Sakuya’s wardrobe:


Maxima/Sakuya for reference:


No wonder she’s going to wear something different in this game? Lol.

After that, I thought the next story quest would be fixing the fishing spot so that I could start fishing. It was kinda that but it also turned out to be a pirate battle! 0.o

The battle system doesn’t really change much from Shining Blade but there are little improvements like you can now look around before you start a character’s turn without the enemies bombarding at him/her.

After the pirates are gone, Adam fixed the fishing spot and I should be able to fish now.

I shared Zynga’s excitement, lol:


Ou! Finally we can fish! Hahaha! I have been waiting for this moment!

Not only that, Ranah also made an early appearance:


Hi~, good afternoon~♪

She comes to the island to do some… trading? She doesn’t seem to join as a party member in this game.

And nope, Shannon is not related to her. After all, Ranah’s little sister is Altina from Shining Blade:


I’m actually not sure if Shining Ark takes place in Shining Blade universe (and if so, does it take place before or after Shining Blade’s events?), or is it another parallel universe like Shining Hearts?


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