Shining Ark [5] Chapter 2 Complete!


Finally completed Chapter 2! It took so long because I was busy doing the village quests instead of just focusing on the story quests, lol.

Fought Velvet, the second pirate that tries to invade the island:


Chapter 2 ends with a giant boss battle. The party can now use cannons (thanks to Adam) and there are new gameplay elements involved in them, for example the cannons need to be cooled down or repaired, etc. Overall, the battle was pretty epic. The giant would drop to the ground after breaking all his breakable parts (head, back, and right hand). Not sure if he would get back up, as I defeated him while he was down. Panis fell from one of its powerful attacks, though (I didn’t seem to have any item to revive fallen ally… maybe in this game you can’t).

Chapter 3 starts immediately with the appearance of Kilmaria:


Whom, by the way, might be a knock-off of Defense Devil’s Idamaria:


Notice how Idamaria’s gun has a cross while Kilmaria’s one only has a line. Well, Kilmaria has two guns, so she needs to do this:


And a cross kinda appears, lol.

Kilmaria is apparently pretty eccentric, lol. She keeps saying ‘justice’, which reminds me of a certain character in Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) 5. And when Fried asks her what justice is, she gets all lighted up. She seems to mistake Panis for a demon, and yeah, she seems to be the type who easily misunderstands and gets all confused when others try to explain to her. I’m pretty sure this is one of the ‘not as famous’ character templates in Japanese anime/manga/games. Unlike the ubiquitous ツンデレ(tsundere), I don’t know its label lol… 勘違いしやすい(kanchigai-shi yasui=easy to misunderstand) maybe?

Chapter 3 also brings much the welcomed quick-move(teleport) feature! I was getting sick of navigating across different areas manually on foot, lol. If I knew this feature was coming in chapter 3, I would’ve waited instead of doing village quests in chapter 2 -.-;


6 thoughts on “Shining Ark [5] Chapter 2 Complete!

  1. OshareKeiji

    Kanchigai yasui is quite broad in range and has a slight pity tone to it. More negative descriptions would be:

    *正義の味方(笑) or Seigi No Mikata “kako warai” - (Kinda-sorta) Defender Of Justice. The context of kako warai is a condescending one, especially if the person in question’s sense of justice is one-sided and misguided..
    *電波女 or Denpa onna – A girl who is in her own world and hardly comprehends reality due to “wave interference”.
    *中二病 or chuunibyou – This is more commonly used nowadays. Someone who chooses to face life in a fantasy world as a defense mechanism to compensate for lack of experience with social interactions.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, interesting! Yeah I guess 正義の味方(笑)would fit her best. I was thinking the kind of character who generally misunderstands every little thing for humor (like one of the girls in 君のいる町 – not the girl who tends to say things in weird ways but the girl who appears briefly and intermittently). But in retrospect, Killmaria is not that extreme lol.

      Ah, so that’s what the chuunibyou thing I’ve been hearing about, lol.

      Do you know about YD sickness, lol?

    1. Helu Post author

      Lol, so you know! Well, to be precise, it’s yaritai koto shika dekinai, but other than that, you’re spot on lol.


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