Conception II [1] Heroines So Far…

Completed chapter 1, which I gotta say is a pretty long chapter.

The first heroine you would meet is Fuuko:


You meet her as soon as you arrive on the island. She and Kurotsugu(the red-haired guy) were being attacked by monsters and you came to their rescue, lol. Her weapon is twin guns (complements that she is a twintail lol).

The next one you would meet is Eri, although you don’t really interact with her until later:


You start on second year while she is first year, so she is your kouhai. Her weapon is summon gun (basically a magical stick). She seems to be based off Hibari from Senran Kagura a bit (the strange eyes, bunny theme and first year):


Then you meet Kuroe:


She would be your homeroom teacher (but she is a young one, can’t remember her age but basically she skipped a lot of grades because she is genius, etc). She is also Kurotsugu’s older sister. Her weapon is probably the strangest of all, basically it’s those funnels from Gundam universe. Although she looks proper, she is probably the most scantily-clad in battle form:


Next is Narika:


She is the second representative of the class (the first is apparently away somewhere, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the remaining heroines). You sit next to her and she also becomes good friends with Fuuko fast (she also seems to have the biggest bust size, so far…). Her weapon is a ‘shot bow gun’ (shotgun mixes with bowgun?).

After completing chapter 1, you immediately meet Serina:


She turns out to be chibi-senpai type of character. She is third year but looks like a kid (reminds me of Yazawa Nico from Love Live!).

And yeah, it’s unfortunate but I haven’t seen my favorite heroine yet (Toori):

スクリーンショット 2013-08-30 21.47.44

There are 2 more heroines to go and I won’t be surprised if she is the last one introduced.

Each of the heroines also has a codename ‘Saint of something’. Fuuko is Saint of Faith, Kuroe is Saint of Lovers… can’t remember the rest ^^;


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