Cat Food, Hard Perfect (PS3 Mini Controller) & TV Lag Fix

Perfected it after quite a number of tries (from yesterday) ^^;

初音ミク -Project DIVA- F

I think I can do better if I’m using PS3 standard controller but I’m trying to get better at using the mini controller:


The mini controller

The mini controller obviously requires larger movements, so I need to focus more and anticipate the upcoming notes earlier otherwise my actions would be too late. I get tired after a while, too.

It’s weird but last night I managed to eliminate my TV lag. Previously, I need to set the game’s timing adjustment to -20. But after I accessed the Samsung secret menu while the game was running, navigated around it but didn’t change anything and turned it off, after I re-enabled the Game Mode since the TV reset to default values after accessing the secret menu, I can now play the game smoothly with timing adjustment set at 0 (i.e., no more lag).

Afterward, I further turned off all accessible post-processing operations (some were turned back on by default) and they didn’t cause the lag to return. As far I know, the settings are now the same as before I meddled with the secret menu, but with the lag now gone (I played with my TV settings a lot trying to fix the lag before so I’m pretty sure).

The weird thing is I actually accessed Samsung secret menu before but it didn’t help. The only difference I could think of this time is that I accessed it while the game was running. Could this be the key?

It’s quite a mystery, but I’m glad that the lag is now gone. I think I should have no problem playing K-On! HD if I were to buy it now.


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