Mini Controller. It’s Fun


Lol, I was supposed to play Conception II, however Project Diva fever got me again ever since I learned about the US version release. No, I didn’t buy the US version, just playing with my Japanese version (I would have gotten it if I also have the trophy fever lol).

I took out my mini controller, which was collecting dust, and found it really fun to play. Granted, it might make the game harder (it is for me), but it’s not like my life depends on doing well in the game and so a challenge is not bad. The larger movements make me feel good, too.

I actually have to change my playing style, which was mainly right hand with left hand only for double notes and dual-wielding (alternate-tapping) rapid notes, when using the mini controller. In Normal songs and above, sometimes you need to change button fast, in the middle of a string for example, and even if I can do it, I find it’s rather straining and doesn’t give good results (Fine for being a little late).

So what happens during this fast button change is I switch hand (right to left or left to right). Then, if my new hand is left hand, I either find a chance to return to my dominant right hand, or I let it take over until the next button change. My left hand is surprisingly competent with timing but it does get dizzy sometimes lol.

I sometimes prefer the latter since it might train my ambidexterity, but the former is in a way my old playing style with small modification, and I feel quite cool when executing it. It’s like dual-wielding but with button change.

I read some people play it ‘piano-style’ (doesn’t seem to be related to the fighting game community’s term) where they use different fingers for different buttons, with palms for the down buttons. I can’t get used to that and stick to just using both my index and middle fingers together for every buttons.


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