Shining Ark [6] Kilmaria Joins The Party!


Even though she is introduced at the start of chapter 3, she doesn’t join the party immediately. A few story quests later and she finally became a party member!



Like Shannon, she has a healing skill which heals one ally, but she also has a healing skill that can heal multiple nearby allies at the cost of 3 Force bars. Her offensive skills mostly include debuffs, but there is one that is pretty unique; it raises her stats if that skill managed to break an enemy’s armor.

Her personalities are エクソシスト(exorcist), 調査マニア(investigation mania)(she didn’t sleep and eat 3 days while investigating the ruins lol), ドジっ子(clumsy) and ジャスティス(justice).

One of the equipments I find useful is スティールチェーン(steal chain). It gives steal property to normal attacks. I only have one right now, which I equip to Shannon (since she has the highest speed and largest attack range), but it seems I can get another one if I get more stamps! X)


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