Shining Ark [8] Chapter 3 Complete! & Velvet


Finally completed chapter 3. Every chapter so far ends with defeating a giant monster.

So I started on chapter 4!

Unlike chapter 3 where Kilmaria was introduced but only joined later, this time Velvet appears and joins the party immediately:


She is a fencer and so her attack property is stab (Adam is another character with stab property).

One of her skills is steal attack, which uses 1 Force Bar.

However, I managed to steal another Steal Chain from one of the pirates. This item, when equipped, adds steal effect to normal attacks. So I have 3 Steal Chains now! Woohoo, the game must want me to steal a lot XD

On another note, I see that they’re going to release a figure for Velvet:


I have not seen her take off her jacket in the game. Very sexy, though I’m pretty sure in the game she has a more muscular and wider stomach, like this:


But it could all be just an optical illusion, lol ^^;


16 thoughts on “Shining Ark [8] Chapter 3 Complete! & Velvet

  1. OshareKeiji

    Nah, that’s just how 2D art to 3D adaptations go. Tony Taka’s art ranks among one of the harder ones to render. I personally consider Alphamax works (Saeiki Ai and Date Wingfield Reiko from Fault!) to be the closest when it comes to showing the minute details of the whole body and Tony’s trademark doe eyes.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, I see ^^ Hmm… do you collect PVC figures, too? I thought you only do Gundam and Busou Shinki plastic-model kits lol ^^;

  2. OshareKeiji

    I have quite a few figures. Was gonna add a gallery page for that but then Blogger suddenly decides to do the snail shuffle with loading times often taking more than 8 minutes. I’m considering moving to a different service if things don’t change soon.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, I see. Didn’t know Blogger’s service going downhill… ^^; I guess pretty much the main advantage of Blogger is you can put Google AdSense in your blog (but I’m not going to do that for my personal blog anyway lol)

      I’m still thinking whether to take the plunge into this hobby with one of the Tony Taka Shining figures like the Altina figure, or the Hatsune Miku figure with her one hand touching her headphones lol ^^;

      Or even Nendoroids… would be nice if they make Fate/Extra Caster X)

      The other side of me says Japanese games and manga are enough, lol ^^;

  3. OshareKeiji

    If you don’t intend to go in deep in the figure department, I’d say about minimum 2, max 5 will do. In my case, I just fall prey to the urge if it’s from a game, anime or artist I absolutely liked.

    As for the model kits, it’s more a sabbatical thing when I don’t feel like gaming or reading. Used to be exclusive to Gunpla, but I recently did a few tank models from the Girls Und Panzer series (which is harder than Gunpla due to not having pre-injected colors and requiring cement for assembly)

    Never used adsense and never will. I just found the Blogger service to be easier at the time (the me from 4 years ago had zero experience with layouts, basic HTML and whatnot).

    1. Helu Post author

      I see, I see. Thanks for the advice ^^ Wow cement… Sounds hardcore lol. Do you join any workshop class or club by any chance?

      WordPress’ mobile app is much better than Blogger’s too. One of the reasons why I stick to WordPress ^^

      I also have, though unused, Ameblo. That’s one host you might want to give a try in case you’re thinking of switching, especially to give the Japanese feel (though they do load your blog with ads ^^;)

  4. OshareKeiji

    Nah, I just took a cue from Dengeki Hobby. Got one of the issues which had a bundled tutorial insert on how to do the more advanced model kits (the ones without interlocking parts) as well as other minor technical stuff that every newcomer should know.

    I’m considering WP, Ameblo, Nico Blomaga and FC2, but I sent a support query to Blogger for now with hopes that they’ll actually deliver (fixing the application and editor loading times at least). With the usual life stuff and free time eaten up by games and other things, restarting a blog from scratch isn’t too high on my list, but if nothing changes I may not have much of a choice.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, that Dengeki Hobby magazine :D I often spot it when I’m checking game magazines in Japanese bookstore.

      I see… Good luck with your blog ^^; want to see updates soon ;)

  5. Mazryonh

    Hi, are you still going to be blogging about this game? It’s a shame that it won’t be released for Region 1, but this has been the case ever since Shining Wind.

    How did you like Houko Kuwashima’s performance as Panis Angelicus in this game? I’m not much for overly-cute female voices in anime, so I personally prefer her role as Xecty Ein from Shining Wind. Is Panis the only one with “songstress” abilities in this game?

    I have no idea how they keep managing to hire Nana Mizuki to supply both voice-acting and singing for this series. Isn’t SEGA strapped for cash right now? Given how famous Nana Mizuki is and how much money she makes off her albums and live performances, she can’t be cheap to hire for video games.

    1. Helu Post author

      Hi, unfortunately I actually don’t follow voice actresses very much so I didn’t even know that Xecty’s voice actress also voiced Panis lol (thanks ^^;)

      I’m okay with Panis’ character and voice but it was not really what I expected when I first played the game. I thought she should be more gloomy, being amnesiac and all, lol… and her personality is also a first time for Tony Taka character, I think ^^;

      So far only Panis can sing but I wouldn’t be surprised if the other girls would be able to sing as well.

      Currently I’m playing Neptune Re;Birth on Vita, Onechambara Z Kagura on PS3 and Love Live! on iOS lol.

      But yeah, I guess it’s about time I return to this game. I like the the graphics and gameplay, it’s just the peaceful village life is putting me to sleep lol.

      I don’t think Sega’s strapped for cash though… I mean, they have successful series like Yakuza and Hatsune Miku. I guess they just decided that localizing some games are not worth their investment etc.

      1. Mazryonh

        Weren’t multiple characters able to sing to influence battles in Shining Blade? I’m pretty sure that Nana Mizuki’s characters would have had that ability–everyone and their grandmother’s budgie appears to love her music. And the Shining series has had a heavy focus on big-name seiyuus since Shining Tears.

        Always-positive or always-genki characters like Panis really grate on me after a while, and that’s partly due to the often-high-pitched voices they use, and partly how naive they often are (granted this isn’t as much of a problem with series that aren’t serious in the first place). Do you understand Japanese? Or can you play this game without knowing any of that language?

        Here’s an article outlining the financial trouble(s) that SEGA is in:

        It’s one year old, and since that time, Aliens: Colonial Marines (a much-anticipated title) bombed out, and SEGA has spent big bucks to purchase Atlus (as well as Relic Entertainment and Creative Assembly in the past). They must have taken quite some big loans to make those acquisitions, and I’m sure they jettisoned less-well-performing games like Bayonetta in the past to try and streamline things. I’m sure that they’re banking on the Vocaloid craze to take off overseas by releasing their Vocaloid games in English, but I would think that the Vocaloid craze has pretty much reached its saturation point by now.

        Sega still has some visionaries like Toshihiro Nagoshi (have you played the Kurohyou games on PSP?), but it’s clear that SEGA has no idea how to market their games outside of Japan. The western-released Yakuza games all flopped due to a lack of good marketing, for instance, which is why we will likely not get any more Yakuza titles (the company really needs the money and can’t afford to make expensive mistakes), as did Nagoshi’s title Binary Domain. The “ryuofficial” youtube channel (reserved for Nagoshi’s promotional vids for his games) has quite a few Japanese-exclusive promotional vids–I’m sure they could have drummed up more interest for Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls if they had only subtitled their Japanese-exclusive promotional vids for those games in English.

        I’m also at a loss as to why SEGA approved the below-average Shining Tears x Wind and Shining Hearts anime series. Did they really think that such sub-par writing could be covered up with Tony Taka’s designs and the all-star seiyuu cast? I’m sure those series lost them a lot of money in the end, and they even tried to license/dub the Shining Hearts anime adaptation into English–I’m sure that was a losing proposition.

        But all my misgivings about SEGA aside, please continue this walkthrough.

      2. Helu Post author

        Yep, they were ^^

        I would say I quite understand Japanese and have gotten most of the common grammar expressions in manga and games. I’m now taking Japanese language class to fill the gap and gotta say it’s very worth it ^^

        I see… I guess so. I’m pretty sure Sega is not in a dangerous state though, judging from games they release and how well accepted they are (and I’m pretty surprised at the number of Sega games I have). I guess they are not so much risk-takers… Maybe they don’t have good management but I’m sure this is something that can correct by themselves.

        Anime adaptation of games is like game adaptation of movies in the west, I guess… It’s the one being adapted that we should look out for ^^;

        Ok, I’m pretty sure I will come back to this game soon ^^

  6. Rionell

    Hello, Helu! Thank you for blogging about Shining Ark! But I noticed that you never got to finish posting about it. I enjoyed skimming through these posts, so that’s a shame. I recently decided to start playing this game, but I only have enough Japanese knowledge to understand one or two words in a sentence. I have a request regarding this matter…! I know that it’s been a while since you talked about Shining Ark, and I apologize if this request is a little much — but I really want to know what’s been going on chapter by chapter especially about Panis (since I love her so much). So if it’s all right with you, can I request short summaries of the story overall? c: Thank you for reading!

    1. Helu Post author

      Thank you for your comment! I’ll think about it, as I might get back into this game (maybe even restart), especially now that I’m slowing down on my ‘trophy hunt’. It’s unclear however if my PSP is still okay… (it was showing signs of trouble back then) ^^;

      1. Rionell

        Ahh, thank you so much for considering it! *^* I hope that you’ll be able to… I’m still in the early parts of the game, and have been relying on my limited Japanese to attempt understanding the story. As it is, I can comprehend perhaps around 20-30%, but I’m never sure of certain parts and have to end up guessing. I wish I had a friend to play with. ;; I tried looking at the JP wiki (, but it wouldn’t load for me at all. I wish there were more resources about this game. :’c By the way, how do you feel about emulators? Since you have a legal copy of the game and a PSP, maybe you can also emulate it as an alternative, just in case your PSP wouldn’t work anymore.

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