Hai Ha Hai Ni, Extreme Perfect (VITA)

I finally, FINALLY, perfected Hai Ha Hai Ni on Extreme, lol.


It’s an ongoing effort for about a week now. I just play a 30-minute session each day, ending with failures… until today!

This song, to me, is literally a dual-wielder’s certificate, lol. It has lots and lots of different rapid notes (2-rapid, 3-rapid, 5-rapid and even a 4-rapid, maybe 6-rapid also… too fast to count ^^;). I have failed to obtain this certificate numerous times and am only lucky to pass this once, lol.

I guess my problem is that my left hand is just a more novice Project Diva player compared to my veteran right hand. My left hand tends to lose focus… and that would cost me the dual-wielding parts ^^;

I also obtained a title ‘Song For You’:


Apparently it’s for perfecting 10 Extreme songs.

So that means 28 more Extreme songs to go if I’m not wrong lol.

Seems I’ll be tackling Megane next…


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