More Project Diva Arcade

Today I finally managed to wade through the confusing UI and reset my password -.-”

This time I wrote the new password in my memo so I won’t forget! ^^;

It wasn’t my intention to play many songs, but I accidentally put too many credits lol ^^;

Looking at the website, here are the songs I played: (I generally play Arcade exclusive songs which I have not heard before and I still play on Normal difficulty)

Leia is probably my favorite song among them. Playing the Arcade version kinda makes me realize how the songs in console/handheld versions have been carefully picked ^^;

I actually also played another session a few days ago (and failed at resetting the password). That time I just picked my favorite songs:

I managed to login to my Project Diva Arcade account. But the website is phone-web like >.< and I think I'm restricted from certain pages because I have not played much? It seems I need to play 3 more times to access those pages… (nice way of making me play more, Sega -.-;)


10 thoughts on “More Project Diva Arcade

    1. Helu Post author

      If I remember, after tapping the card, you have to first ‘un-password’ the card by going to パスワード初期化 (small onscreen button at the bottom when you select modes of play).

      I think you got to wait for a few hours before you can set a new password so you might want to do it on your next visit.

      You will then set new password after tapping the card by going to パスワード設定 (also onscreen button at the bottom). All this is before song selection.

      But I might be wrong about this since I haven’t done it for so long. Please let me know if you manage to do it.

      1. Deluxe

        I remember hitting the パスワード初期化 and it giving me a date. That was about a week ago. Today I hit パスワード設定 and typed in a password, but it gives me a message. If I hit パスワード初期化 again I get an error message.

      2. Deluxe

        I did all that in December, and I accessed the page back then. I forgot what password I had set. That’s why I reset it at the arcade.

      3. Helu Post author

        Ah ok, I’m not too sure about your current situation now but it might be when you re-entered the password in パスワード設定, it might have failed because the password might be too simple etc and hence the message. So instead of going to パスワード初期化 to reset the password again just go straight to パスワード設定 (since it might be in a state where the password is already reset and you just need to set the new password). But this is just my guess. Let me know once you have tried things out.

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