Endless Frontier Spirits List

Am I seeing things? I got a surge of traffic from five.tiddlywiki.com and apparently I got linked for covering it in my previous post. And it seems to be posted by none other than the creator Jeremy Ruston himself! I’m honored lol ^^

It’s really a good tool. Other than gaming, I also use it to collect ideas as I think of them. I name this particular TiddlyWiki of mine ‘Little Ideas’ (from Wing Chun’s Siu Lim Tao) lol.

Anyway, I recently opened Endless Frontier again:


My only Nintendo DS game at the moment (I sold the rest lol ^^;).

Apparently one of the things that makes this game has the Super Robot Taisen vibe is the inclusion of 精神(seishin/spirits), which is like magic (particularly buffs/debuffs) in other games.

There is an in-game list of supposedly all the spirits, and I’m quite shocked to count that there are 51 of them! So many? The good thing is there are hiragana next to the kanji so I can read their names no problem.

So here is the list of all the spirits in kanji -> romaji -> translation (sans the description, and I don’t know the official English translation):

愛 ai love
足かせ ashikase shackles
威圧 iatsu intimidation
祈り inori prayer
応援 ouen cheer
覚醒 kakusei awakening
撹乱 kakuran disturbance
加速 kasoku quickening
感応 kannou inspiration
眼力 ganriki insight
気合 kiai fighting spirit
絆 kizuna bond
奇跡 kiseki miracle
期待 kitai expectation
気迫 kihaku vigor
切り札 kirifuda trump card
激励 gekirei encouragement
結界 kekkai barrier
幸運 kouun fortune
高揚 kouyou enhancement
孤高 kokou isolation
言霊 kotodama word spirit
鼓舞 kobu encouragement
根性 konjyou guts
士気 shiki morale (Dynasty Warriors lol)
集中 syuuchuu focus
情熱 jyounetsu passion
信念 shinnen belief
信頼 shinrai trust
狙撃 sogeki snipe
脱力 datsuryoku exhaustion
魂 tamashii soul
直撃 cyokugeki direct hit
式占 cyokusen some form of Japanese fortune telling
手加減 tekagen holding back
鉄壁 teppeki iron wall
電瞬 densyun electric spark?
闘志 toushi fighting spirit
毒舌 dokuzetsu wicked tongue
ド根性 dokonjyou very gutsy? (there’s already konjyou above lol)
突撃 totsugeki sudden attack
努力 doryoku effort
熱血 nekketsu hot blood
博打 bakuchi gambling
八卦 hakke divination sign?
必中 hiccyuu 100% accurate
閃き hirameki flash
不屈 fukutsu persistence
復活 fukkatsu revival
舞踊 buyou dance
補給 hokyuu supply
友情 yuujyou friendship

As alway, jisho.org is a big help. I didn’t look up all of them though, especially the ones I think I already know, so please tell me if I got something wrong ^^;

It’s a lot, right? And do the 7 characters really have access to all of these? -.-;

But apparently Kaguya has 博打(bakuchi/gambling), which activates a random spirit on herself.


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