Kalafina fairytale lyrics’ translation

One of my favorite Kalafina songs, fairytale ^^

This is the theme song for the sixth Kara No Kyoukai movie Oblivion Recorder.

It’s a peculiar song to me because when I first listened to it, I felt ‘meh’ but then it grew on me. It kept playing in my mind non-stop. Now I actually like it as much as kimi ga hikari ni kaiteyuku.

I took a stab at stating the subjects of the sentences explicitly, and I might be wrong. This song also has more lone phrases.

Like my previous translation post, I would update this post if I can think of a better translation. But this time I’m not going to comment as much ^^;

kodomo no koro ni oitekita yume wo omoidashita
I remembered the dream that I put behind in my childhood

wakakusa iro no kanashimi wo osoku amaku utau
I sing of chartreuse green sadness softly and sweetly
(Again with the weird color thing… last time it was silver rainbow lol)

my fairy tale

nani mo owaru koto no nai eien wo shitteita
I knew of an eternity where nothing ends

mou dare mo kataranai futari no monogatari
The story of two people that no one no longer talks about

kisu wo hitotsu nokoshite kimi wa doko he yuku
Where have you, who left me with a kiss, gone?

tomoshibi hitotsu daite mori ni kieteyuku
Carrying a lantern, I disappear to the forest

in the dark

zutto tooku he aruiteku
I keep walking so far away

natsukashii omokage
nostalgic face

zutto tooku ga kimi no ie tadoritsuke wa shinai
I’ve walked so far and yet I’m not reaching your house

your fairy tale

yume ni mita eien wa tozasareta mama de
The eternity I saw in my dream remains locked away

ayamachi wa fukaku kakusareta mama de
The mistake remains deeply hidden away

kieteiku kaerimichi
The disappearing return path

kimi ga mou mienai
I can’t no longer see you

……good bye
(Very powerful sayonara… T.T)

kiri no mori o nukete kimi wa doko he yuku
Where have you, who left the misty forest, gone?

hitotsu dake te wo futte asu he satteyuku
I wave my hand once and leave for tomorrow

kimi wo suki ni natte eien wa owaru
The eternity where I love you ends

ikiteyuku yorokobi to itami ga hajimaru
The joy and pain of living begin

in the light


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