First look at characters from Fairy Fencer F


I usually avoid news of my anticipated games so that I can play them full of surprises, but I guess information from official website is ok.

First time I visited the official website:

And the number of characters is more than I expected 0.o

Generally it seems that a character is either a Fencer or a Fairy (I guess Fairy is Fencer’s summon?), and a Fencer and a Fairy make up a two-person team.

The character’s page:

Here I list them in Fencer-Fairy team pairings! X)

Fang Alyn

(It’s Alyn not Alvn btw, the ‘y’ got cut. Similar cases below for other tall consonants)

Tiara Cui

Harler Bahas

(Bald guys seem to be getting more popular nowadays…)

Pipin Souji

(Yep, the green bear is the Fencer…)

Effole Karin

Shalman Ryushin

Gald Marisa

Paiga Vivia

Mariano Kurara

Bernard Bloody

Others (seem to be neither Fencer nor Fairy):

Rolo Hanagata

Would be cool if we can play many of the teams but I should keep my expectations low… ^^;

So far based on the screenshots of the system page (I only checked the 1st system), you can play as Fang, Tiara and Harler teams.

The game will be released on 10th of October.

And just to reiterate, lots of pretty ladies: ^^;

Tiara Alyn Harler Effole Karin Marisa Vivia Mariano Bloody

Can’t wait to play this game! X)


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