Remote Controller, Extreme Perfect (VITA)


Finally perfected Remote Controller on Extreme:


I didn’t get high score because I played slightly better previously but screwed up at the VERY last part -_-“:


This song is one of the candidates (according to GameFAQs users) of the easiest Extreme song in the game.

It’s kinda true; this song doesn’t really have any gimmick; just requires focus and endurance (which often slip me by 3/4 of the song lol).

When I’m playing these rhythm games I notice a phenomenon within me that I can’t quite control (yet?). Basically if I don’t break the combo, I grow tense near the end of the song and this often made me screw up. I guess it’s because I’m thinking ‘almost there for a perfect! Must not screw up! Must not screw up!’ and lose my cool. Even if it’s not too pronounced since I’m not too beginner a player, the tension is still kinda always there, no matter how I try to completely eliminate it.

But if I make a random screw-up and have broken the combo earlier but choose to continue playing all the way to the end instead of restarting, I become relaxed and generally perform better. I guess it’s because I know it’s no longer possible to get perfect anyway so might as well use this opportunity to make observations and experiment. It’s mainly in this state of mind where I think I learned how to deal with the main difficulty or gimmicky parts of the songs.

In any case, one more Extreme song perfected ^^;


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