God-Tier Tune, Extreme Perfect (VITA)

Perfected God-Tier Tune on Extreme:


It took me several ties, but I only need a day and I think this is the easiest Extreme song.

There is only one tricky part, which is the alternating single and double-notes. There is a trick which I learned from perfecting Saihate Extreme on Project Diva 2nd back then. Basically, I treat the single notes as double notes. So all the notes become double notes (in my mind). At first it may seem more difficult but it’s actually easier since I don’t have to keep switching (and the game apparently doesn’t penalize players for pressing single notes as double notes).

I gotta say, this song’s chibi avatars are super cute:


I guess this is not Nendoroid proportion because Nendoroid’s is slightly shorter:


I’m tempted to buy Nendoroid, but I hesitate because, there is a quote that kinda goes like this: ‘Getting from 0 to 1 is the hard part. Getting from 1 to 100 is easy.’

In any case I ran out of ‘easy’ Extreme songs, lol ^^;


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