Fairy Fencer F official site ‘Basic System’ translation




The battle system is turn-based and evolved from Ultra Dimension Neptunia V.

You can see the turn order. The characters’ speed parameter mainly affects this.

There is a parameter called tension.

You raise character’s tension by defeating an enemy or getting hit by enemies.

When character’s tension is high, their attack power increases.

When their tension is low, their defense drops.

Also, when character’s tension reaches certain value, they can fairize (montage of fairy + realize) (transform).

When you target an enemy, their HP bar will hover above them.

The HP bars will ‘adapt’ whether you use single-target or multiple-target attacks.

When you level up characters, their parameters increase.

However, they won’t automatically learn new magic and skills.

To learn new magic and skills, you need to develop the characters’ fairies.

Every character has a finisher attack!

Seems pretty straightforward so far…


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