Fairy Fencer F official site ‘Combo System’ translation


You can customize character’s combo by assigning techniques to triangle, square and circle buttons.

The number of attacks you can perform in a combo is dependent on ‘max combo’ parameter.

The first attack is restricted, but you can fully customize subsequent attacks by setting the triangle, square and circle button slots.


Max combo and techniques can be learned by spending WP (weapon points) in Upgrade Weapons menu screen.

It’s possible to develop the characters such that even though their parameters are low, they can win (albeit not as conveniently) without using finisher or magic. To do so, you need to make good use of the limited number of attacks you can perform by setting up techniques taking their properties into account.


Techniques use specific weapons. So in battle, the character’s weapon transforms to various forms depending on the techniques they use.


For example, Fang’s initial sword weapon can transform to axe or gun.

There are other forms such as longsword, bow and greatsword, etc.

Different forms give additional benefits, such as:

– Hit number increases
– Easier to inflict status effects
– Damage to airborne enemies increases

Techniques also have special properties such as uppercut and aerial chase.


When you uppercut an enemy, they will be thrown to the air. If you perform aerial chase attack when the enemy is airborne, they will take more damage.


Very interesting! X)

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