Fairy Fencer F official site ‘Fairize System’ translation


When character’s tension reaches certain level (by defeating enemies or getting hit by enemies), they can fairize (transform) to Fury Form.


In Fury Form, all parameters increase significantly and the character is able to execute special finisher attack.

However, in Fury Form you can’t raise tension, and if it drops below certain level, the character will be forced out of Fury Form.

So figuring out when to fairize and how to minimize tension drop are keys.

Each character has 1 special finisher attack in Fury Form.

The BGM will change to signify the attack.

The special finisher attack also uses 50% HP. It’s very powerful but also high cost.


Nice. This is equivalent to Neptunia series’ Goddess Form, I guess ^^

It’s actually not clear whether getting hit by enemies raises or drops tension level…


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