Tell Your World, Extreme Perfect (VITA)


Make that 2 Extreme perfects in a day! X)


The only tricky part is the streams of pairs which are a bit hard to see at first which notes to press first. The hint is on the arrows; if it’s up-arrow then the notes will come from the bottom.

Tell Your World is one of the very nice Miku songs.

It’s in fact used for Google Chrome ad:

Some people mistake ‘Tell Your World’ for asking them to tell the world about Hatsune Miku.

But if you read the lyrics it’s actually about telling ‘your world’, i.e., asking you to bring your ideas to life.

Miku has quite a number of songs of this nature. Some songs specifically ask people to make more songs for her (Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru, Miku Miku Kin Ni Gochuui, etc). This song is more generic and one of the messages is about connecting ideas. Even Miku’s costume for this song is called Linkage.

Hearing this song makes me feel inspired to work on something ^^


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