Bloodline -1 Cheat

Lol, I just discovered a cheat in Infinity Blade on my own.

No doubt it has been discovered long ago but I’ll just reiterate.


1. Restart to Bloodline 1 from Options (you keep your level, money and equipments).

2. Lose to the first enemy (the blocking tutorial).


Basically release the block as soon as you put it up. Will take some time if you’re leveled up and wears good equipments. If you accidentally block successfully, the battle might end and you can’t go to Bloodline -1.

3. After you lose, pick the first option (save & restart).

4. You will go to Bloodline -1.


In this mode, you wear special equipments that make you super powerful (you can’t equip your normal equipments). Not only that, the enemies are high-level but easily defeated with the special equipments. What this means is that you can earn lots of exp and money.

5. After you defeat the final boss you’ll go to Bloodline -2. I guess if you keep winning it’ll keep going negative.

6. If you ever decide to go back to Bloodline 1, you’ll lose the special equipments. However, you keep your level, money and normal equipments.

So this cheat is basically to level up very quickly.

It’s so efficient compared to doing it normally, which is why I call it a cheat.

And the worse part is, I think one might want to keep going as long as possible in the negative Bloodlines. This is because once the character reaches high level, it would be painfully slow to get defeated by the first enemy (in order to return to the negative Bloodlines again).

Edit: Ah, so the character’s stats at the very start of the game are preset, so you can safely go to negative Bloodlines at any time.

I wonder if there’s anything special at Bloodline -100? (What’s the limit in both directions anyway, 20?)

And maybe once you reach farther negative Bloodlines, the enemies might become so strong even with the special equipments.

In any case, interesting cheat ^^;

It sure destroyed what I thought I would be doing for some time in Infinity Blade…


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