Having fun with Infinity Blade

After getting my iPhone 5s, I bought Infinity Blade 3.

Unfortunately, after an update, it became buggy and crashed during cutscenes -.-

It actually caused me not to be able to advance to the next story even though I beat the first story’s boss. It crashed on the cutscene after defeating the first boss. When I started the game again, I’m back to the hideout (missing some story) and can only choose the first story.

Maybe I have to beat the first boss again but what if it crashes again during the cutscene?

It seems I’m not the only one as others have posted reviews on App Store that the game crashes a lot after the update.

So for now I deleted Infinity Blade 3…

Wait a few months and a few updates later and Epic Games should’ve solved all the problems.

Instead I re-installed the first Infinity Blade, which I bought a long time ago.

Back then, it didn’t run as smoothly as I have hoped on my iPhone 4S. My iPhone got hot quick, it died quickly and there were slight stutters that nevertheless took away the experience.

I was also playing back then without Internet and so I couldn’t get Game Center achievements.

But this game is buttery smooth in iPhone 5s! The battery doesn’t drain as fast as well. It’s as if the phone doesn’t break any sweat at all to run this game.

Too bad it doesn’t support iPhone 5’s resolution… so there are black bars on the sides. But it’s not really a big deal.


From my brief experience playing Infinity Blade 3, the series hasn’t changed a lot. Probably Infinity Blade 3 has more weapon styles, more characters, bigger maps etc, but the first Infinity Blade doesn’t seem outdated at all (unlike the first game of many other series).

Infinity Blade 3 may have better graphics, but not only the first Infinity Blade is good enough, it actually doesn’t look much different (but I’m not a graphics junkie, so…). I would turn off effects in Infinity Blade 3 to Infinity Blade level in order to save battery or make it smoother etc if there was such an option.

I gotta say I like Infinity Blade’s battle system. I guess I got bored last time since I only keep parrying. Once I vary it up with blocking, dodging, magic and super attacks I feel that it’s become super fun!

I also like fully-masked heroes (which explains why I like Ultraman, Masked Rider, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, Cyborg Ninja, etc), so that’s another plus in Infinity Blade.

The first Infinity Blade also has that mystical feel like ICO since it also uses original language.

Too bad from Infinity Blade 2 onward it’s back to English. And from Infinity Blade 3 trailers it seems the series has become like Assassin’s Creed in terms of story… (and they unmask the characters, too… further reducing the mystical feel -.-)

In any case I should be playing the first Infinity Blade for some time… and without rushing ;)



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