Infinity Blade Experience System and New Game+


Infinity Blade’s experience system is… interesting.

Let’s say the enemy gives 5000 EXP when defeated. The character won’t just plainly receive the 5000 EXP.

First it’s going to be divided equally to 5 parts: sword, shield, helmet, armor and ring, which have their own ‘EXP needed for mastery’. So each part gets 1000 EXP.

And then, only “the EXP that manages to be used to increase the parts’ mastery” gets added to the character’s level experience.

So for example, if all parts are brand-new not mastered, and every part requires more than 1000 EXP to master, each part gets 1000 EXP and the character gets all 5000 EXP.

If, for example, one of the parts only needs 500 more EXP to be mastered, this part only takes 500 EXP out of its allocated 1000 EXP share. Then, the character only gets 4500 EXP in total.

If all parts are mastered, all 5000 EXP are wasted and the character doesn’t gain any experience.

When player levels up, they gain 2 skill points. If any part is mastered, they gain 1 skill point.

Skill points are needed to increase character’s stats.

It’s easier to get skill points from parts’ mastery than from leveling up (since it gets harder to level up when you reach high level).

You can also pay with in-game currency to master parts (and you also get the experience), instead of having to do so by defeating enemies.

Once a part is mastered, even if you sell and then buy it, it would remain mastered.

So once you’ve mastered every parts, technically you can no longer level up.

So in my previous post about Negative Bloodlines, since in Negative Bloodlines you can only equip the special equipments, once those special equipments are mastered, the EXP from defeating enemies are wasted.

But maybe if you can earn much more money in Negative Bloodlines, you can still use the money to purchase and master other parts, even if you can’t equip them.

But there is New Game+, which can be reached by purchasing Infinity Blade and defeating the true boss.

In New Game+, you keep your stats and skill points, but not money and equipments.

Which is why, before going to New Game+, it’s recommended to sell all but your ultimate equipments, and use all your money to master as many parts as possible (to get as many skill points as possible).

But not only that, in New Game+ all mastered parts can be mastered to another level. So that means you can continue leveling up and getting more skill points!

And not only that! If you pick ‘Restart to Bloodline 1’ option, it won’t actually go back to the start of New Game+, but to the start of Original Game while carrying over the state of New Game+ (that parts can be mastered to another level)!

Original Game is easier and lets you earn money faster basically.

That said, I think I’ve been playing Infinity Blade non-stop yesterday, so I should take a break now… ^^;


2 thoughts on “Infinity Blade Experience System and New Game+

  1. Stacey

    Hello. I’ve been doing NB- lately and I was wondering if I buy the infinity blade while in NB- and restart to OG, would I still have the blade? Or would I lose all the equipments i bought?

    1. Helu Post author

      Hi Stacey, unfortunately I haven’t played this game for a long time and I have forgotten many details. You might want to post a question in GameFAQs.


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