Love Live! Again

After I got my iPhone 5s, I started playing Love Live! again.

I lost my data so I had to start from scratch lol.

Unlike other games, this game doesn’t force you to have an account (though I think you can set it up in options). I didn’t create an account and that’s why I lost my data ^^;

This game runs very smoothly in iPhone 5s. It baffled me that it occasionally stutters in iPhone 4S even though it’s just a 2D game (I guess they are using slow technologies like HTML5 to build the game).

Also, when banner notifications pop up, the game becomes so laggy in iPhone 4S that I would screw up. In iPhone 5s the notifications do not affect the game at all.

They haven’t matched the resolution to fit iPhone 5’s taller screen though, so there are black bars on the sides. Strangely, only the company logo and start screens use iPhone 5’s aspect ratio, the rest of the game don’t.


This time I picked Maki as my character (basically my choice of first rare card):


It’s because last time I couldn’t get her at all! >.<

This time I was fortunate enough to get her other rare cards:



Though the same can’t be said about her super rare cards and beyond ^^;

Because of recent Android version release, they give lots of complimentary Loveca stones. I managed to save 50 of them. Using 50 at once, you can get 11 rare and above cards while normally you get only 10:


The cards I get:


Pretty disappointing with the duplicates, but oh well… ^^;

They have also added more normal cards, like these:







And it seems you can now level up the rare cards’ skills, though I’m not sure how.

Lastly, there is an event song called After School Navigators:

Surprisingly nice X)


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