Miku Pack 03

Bought the Miku magazine Miku Pack 03.


Why? The extra lol:


Senbonzakura clear bookmark set!

And it exceeded my expectations since I thought I would only get the 3 pictured:


So what news are in the book? Some notable ones:

  • There’s a recent concert where they use a different style of Vocaloid models (the Miku looks like the one from Domino’s Pizza collaboration).
  • Hatsune Miku V3 is recently released. There is additional English sound bank. Her visual is a slight redesign of the original one (instead of being a major change like Append) and is illustrated by iXima.
  • There’s a Hatsune Miku Xperia smartphone.
  • Both Happiness Committee and Senbonzakura novelizations are getting a continuation.
  • There’s a new song that features Kaito from Senbonzakura world.
  • There’s a Vocaloid card collection game called Precious Memories.

Precious Memories ad:


This is actually my second Miku magazine. The first one I bought is called Mikupedia:


‘The book to know Miku’ lol.

It has a nice illustration of Miku and co playing Project Diva games:



2 thoughts on “Miku Pack 03

  1. OshareKeiji

    Actually, Precious Memories is a CCG featuring various games and anime (similar to White X Black and Victory Spark). The news probably meant that there’s going to be a Vocaloid-related expansion set.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, I see, you’re right. Apparently the ad is for Starter Deck and Booster Pack part 2, with part 1 having been released for some time.

      So these CCGs are the physical version of those mobile card games huh… with the buying part corresponds to spending money for premium gacha, lol.


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