Douiu Koto Nano!? Extreme Perfect (VITA)


This song took me quite a number of tries -.-;


The main tricky part is the middle instrumental part. It just contains intermittent rapid notes, but the timing is faster than the vocal parts. After getting through it, the Chance Time part, although not too tricky, can be nerve-wracking when I’m under pressure of perfecting the song.

In fact, I was confused when I perfected this. I thought I got a very silly Safe at the beginning of the song, but went ahead anyway to continue playing instead of restarting. Since I thought I could no longer perfect the song, I felt more calm and went through the song without breaking the combo. When I hit the last note, the Perfect sign appeared, lol.


I gotta say, this song is really cute. Energetic dance, with 4 Hachune Mikus dancing along X)


In any case, I seem to be approaching the limit of the Extreme songs I can perfect, lol ^^;


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