Love Live! Nishikino Maki and Score Match

There’s a new ongoing event called Score Match:


It pits you against 3 other players but you just play normally. Basically you get a (not too significant) point multiplier if you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd places etc.



I’m pretty sure the matchmaking is doctored and I’m probably playing with other players’ ghosts ^^;

What’s more interesting about this event is it chooses a random song for you, and the songs I’ve played so far are new songs I normally don’t have access to! And I recognize some of the songs to be from the anime X)

Just like with previous events, I doubt I’m going to get the grand prize which is a special Maki card… -.-;


Anyway, I finally collected another 50 Loveca stones!

But I was too late to get the special promotion of ‘SR cards and above guaranteed’ when you use 50 Loveca stones (just by a day!) T.T

Instead, they have a special Gacha which ensures you only get Year 1 students (Maki, Rin and Hanayo):


I decided to go with this instead of the cheerleader-themed one, since I like Maki.

The cards I get:


I can now awaken red and green Maki cards:



Pretty disappointed I don’t get any Ultra Rare card or even blue Maki card. Another blue Maki card would have completed her awakened Rare cards collection ^^; I think I know what the blue Maki card looks like and I want it lol X(

Her Super Rare card I got:


It’s gonna be pretty difficult to collect more Loveca stones and even more friendship points to get normal students from now… -_-;

But Score Match is fun because of the randomness and stuff! X) I might just be playing with this mode instead of normal mode until this event is over.

I need to reach Rank 33 before I see any new story and I’m still at Rank 27 now… -.-;


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