Eh? Ah, Sou, Extreme Perfect (VITA)


Perfected this after several tries:


The most tricky part about this song is probably the long streams of notes for instrumental part that alternate between single and double notes, and end with double notes of a different button.

Fortunately there is a trick to it, and that is you can plant your left thumb on the d-pad and keep it pressed. While pressed, when you press its corresponding action button with the right thumb, it will register as double note.

This is basically like command buffering in Tekken series.

And since the game doesn’t penalize you for pressing single notes as double notes, you can just treat all the notes as double notes.

This particular trick has a penalty though, which is why I don’t do it for shorter streams, and that is the score for each double note is lowered.

I’m okay with that for this case… ^^;

The creator of this song is Chouchou-P. I’m a big fan of his other song Shinpakusuu #0822:

It’s one of the rare Miku songs that I adore and yet hasn’t appeared in any Project Diva game yet. I really hope they put this song in Project Diva F2nd.

The chance should be pretty high since this is probably Chouchou-p’s second most famous work. Eh? Ah, Sou and Shinpakushuu #0822 are the only works by Chouchou-p that have crossed 1 million views in Nico Nico Douga.


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